I was speaking with the vet regarding my two elderly cats and their quality of life.

To be clear, they have designated their real estate, get twice daily food deliveries, stirred and "upgraded" as needed, directly under their noses. Towels are changed, pillows are fluffed, flea-combing is done daily. They also get plenty of lap time as requested. They're retired, and deserving of all the pampering they can get. Even with all that, there is only so much I can do for their quality of life - how they're feeling as they age. Much as they love sleeping in the sunshine, at times I wonder just how comfortable they are which motivated me to have a conversation with that special veterinarian who they will only meet once.

So the past 3 days have been uneventful - in that we're all getting a good nights sleep! But this morning Merlot didn't feel well and vomited. He has these episods once in a while where he drinks a lot of water then "returns" it. This was the first time he's had an episode like this since being on the CBD oil so I called the company who makes the CBD oil for their opinion and learnd a few things.

I'm getting a little spoiled with all this sleeping through the night and sleeping in in the mornings! And it's nice to see the cats being a bit more active, though appetite hasn't increased yet. The boys are old, Juno is 18,  Merlot is 19. I'm not expecting them to run circles around the living room like they used to. My goal here is to make sure that they are comfortable in their old age. I don't want them to be in pain or not enjoying their lives.

Last night was quiet, and this morning quiet as well. If nothing else, I'm finally getting a good nights sleep - thank you CBD oil! Merlot came out to play, and went outside. He seems pretty relaxed, but not eating as much as he was. Tonight dinner gets cut off early, and we'll see if that gives him a good appetitie for breakfast.

Last night Juno squawked really, really loudly about 1 hour after his dossage. When he squawks like that I usually pick him up and hold him for a few minutes, sometimes that helps. I can feel his body is so tense. Also noticed the water bowl was empty which could have started the squawking, seems the lack of water really upsets him. They get very thirsty with the low kidney function.

I did not expect to see improvement so quickly since it takes about 2 weeks for the cannabis to get into their systems. So still am not sure if its the CBD or the coconut oil base which is helping them. Today, after an early morning wake up call from Juno, he ate his full breakfast, which he hadn't done for a week or so. His appetitie has usually been pretty strong but the week before he started the CBD his appetitie was not so good.

Juno wasn't looking to happy this morning so I decided to hold off on his morning dose, will give him one this evening. I was told the coconut oil could cause an upset stomach, so am taking this slow. He'll get his evening dose before bedtime and we'll see how/if he sleeps.

After giving both cats a late nite dose of CBD oil last night, everyone got a good nights sleep which is a big deal. The main reason I started Juno on the CBD oil is due to his cat-erwalling at night which ususally starts 10 minutes after I go to bed and continues at 2 hour intervals throughout the night. Last night he gave one (one!) yelp around midnight, and was quiet until almost 5 am! This means not only did he sleep, but I did as well.

So the first night on cannabis oil results were not what I expected.

Merlot stopped wheezing, no more noises coming out of his nose. I noticed that immediately since he's camped out on my bed ; )  Since the cannabis oil takes a while to get into their systems, I am guessing this may be more of a result of the coconut oil since it is anti-inflammatory. So we'll keep giving it to him, half the normal dosage for starters 1/4 dropper twice a day.

Well, the cannabis (CBD) oil was pretty easy to find, and the bottle that usually sells for 28.99 was on sale for 20.00. With all the expensive foods I've had to buy for both cats due to their reduced kindey function, the cosequin, the vet visits (which fortunately haven't been to numerous), I'm more than thrilled to find something so cheap that could actually give both me and Juno a good nights sleep.