I noted that humanz are very upset right now, worrying about their silly politics. Apparently some of you think this election is the worst that oculd happen.

Bless your hearts, humanz! Your cat overloards will be here to take care of you, have no fear!

Cats don't like to be restrained. So starting with that "rule of cat" what is is the best way to stay attached to your cat when walking together (remember, you don't walk your cat!). I started with a traditional harness which was ridiculous for a variety of reasons - it's cumbersome, and weighs to much. Most importantly, it really annoys your cat. So we needed a better solution.

Real Americans live everywhere. Not just in the "flyover" states.

While punching the preset buttons on my old-school AM radio in the Saab, I happened across an interviewer speaking to some "real" Americans. You know the kind, the ones the media loves to pull out of the woodwork every 4 years or so (coincidence?).

The zen to getting your indoor cat outside for some fresh air, and coming back home - in one piece.

Here's some mind set tips before you get started:

1. You don't "walk" your cat.
You and your cat walk together. Most of the time your cat will lead, the rest of the time he will either sit or lie down. Get used to a slower pace.

The finer points on walking with your cat.

Feline dining thorught the city.

Urban wanderings find many homages to felines.

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